Renting a car in Dubai is the most convenient way to get around the city, its surroundings and the whole country. You can rent a car for a weekend, for several weeks or even months, depending on the goals and objectives. Bitoc Rent company offers a large selection of cars for rent, from luxury cars and sports cars to convertibles and SUVs. You can rent any of several hundred cars with a cryptocurrency rental payment. We provide the opportunity to pay for car rental using the most popular cryptocurrencies: USDT Bitcoin Etherium TONCOIN

Advantages of Cryptocurrencies for Car rental payments

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries where payments for goods and services in digital currencies are allowed. The process of paying with cryptocurrency is very similar to using a regular bank card, it does not cause difficulties. Renting a car for cryptocurrency has a number of advantages:
  • speed and convenience;
  • low fees;
  • safety;
  • transparency.
Paying with cryptocurrency saves time and simplifies the procedure of booking a car. You no longer need to go through complex procedures for transferring funds from one currency to another or waiting for payment confirmation. Having paid the rent using the crypt, you can immediately start using the car. When paying with digital currency, there are no fees associated with currency exchange and international transfers. You only pay network fees, which are significantly lower than bank fees. Cryptocurrency transactions are encrypted and processed on the blockchain, which prevents the possibility of fraud. When paying, you do not need to specify personal data, this ensures the privacy and confidentiality of transactions. The user can check the payment status at any time through the blockchain browser. There are no financial institutions and third-party platforms in the transaction where funds can hang. Payment is charged at the rate that is valid at the time of the transaction.

How to rent a car with cryptocurrency payment

  1. Select the car model.
  2. Fill out an online application.
  3. Coordinate the details with the manager.
  4. Pay for car rental in the selected cryptocurrency.

Car rental services are available to persons aged 25 and older. A driver’s license issued in your home country and an international driver’s license are required.

Benefits of working with Bitoc Car Rental


Immerse yourself in a world of opulence with our handpicked collection of luxury and sports cars. From iconic brands to limited editions, each vehicle embodies power, prestige, and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Step into the future of payments. We proudly embrace cryptocurrency, allowing you to enjoy a seamless and secure rental experience. Tap into the possibilities of digital currencies and unlock a new level of convenience.


Your desires are our priority. Our dedicated team will curate a bespoke experience tailored to your preferences. Whether it’s a special occasion or a desire to drive your dream car, we’ll make it an unforgettable journey.


Feel the pulse of exhilaration as you unleash the performance of our top-tier fleet. From roaring engines to precision handling, our cars are engineered to deliver heart-racing thrills and a truly extraordinary driving experience.


Experience the pinnacle of service excellence. Our knowledgeable professionals are available to assist you every step of the way, ensuring your rental journey is flawless and unforgettable from start to finish.

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